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Integrated psychotherapy of SE and energetic healing is a combination of three tools into one holistic tool.

  • Psychotherapy deals with treatment, usually through a conversation, out of which rises content the person might or might not be aware of.Image00004
  • The SE, Somatic Experience, is a technique for treating trauma, stress and anxiety, developed by Dr. Peter Levine with the goal of building individual resilience and to releasing traumas.

In the context of my clinic, trauma is anything that prevents us from having a good relationship with our children, spouse or parents, whether we are aware of the trauma´s source or whether it affects us without our being aware of its origins.  Traumas, beliefs, and behavior patterns become hardwired in our bodies in different ways

  • Energetic Healing: energetic healing is performed while the patient sits fully-clothed in a chair or lies on a bed. In addition, the healing can be conducted on Skype, while focused on SE in the conversation.

The integrated psychotherapy, combining SE and energetic healing, enables you to release mental structures and fears that have accumulated in your body with relative ease.

The combination of the three brings major results in a short time and facilitates a change in family relationship.

The benefits of the method:

  • Changes in relationships within a short time.
  • Changes in the parent’s understanding and behavior create changes in the child without the child being physically present.
  • The sessions can be conducted on Skype, as well.

Family constellation therapy is a method and a life Perception, according to this perception, many difficulties that we carry with us today, are difficulties that we received and inherited, in the process of intergenerational transfer, from our parents, our grandparents, etc.Image00001

According to this method, it is possible to find and treat many patterns that are with us in our lives and manage us, although they do not belong to us.

Many times we hold within us unconsciously patterns, traumas, fears, anxieties and various difficulties, that ware generated in previous generations.

This is a simple method that works with representations of family, feelings, emotions, thoughts, places, and things. The goal is to reach the source of the difficulty and heal it.

Treatment can be performed on individuals, couples and groups.

Cases can be treated by a family constellation session: Relationships between parents and children, between siblings, relationships, loss (any loss), stuckness in life, including business stuckness and more.

Family constellation therapy benefits:

  • You can work with one person for a family issue. In other words, there is no need to bring the whole family to take care of family theme.
  • require a small number of meetings (sometimes one is enough)
  • You can also have constellation treatments using Skype.

Family constellation, developed over 30 years by psychotherapist Bert Hellinger.