Yael Eini | Family relationship mentor | About
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Hi my name is Yael

and i’m a family relationships mentor

I have a B.A. in Psychology & Management.

I specializes in trauma.

and I am a teacher and facilitator of family constellation

I am a certified group facilitator in the integrative method.

I have been practicing a life of awareness and self-development for more than 20 years.

Over the years, I had developed a unique way of looking at parenthood issues and turning them into self – developing tools.

In my private sessions and in my courses, I am teaching parents to overcome their difficulties and evolve.

In order to do so, I combines all of my studies and practices into a holistic solution. Custom-made for each parent.


What do I offer?

I offer you a way to improve your relationship with your child and experience a better family environment.,



By the method I’ve developed, through which I’ve successfully treated many parents, from parents of infants to those whose children are already adults.

This is a therapeutic approach for personal development that holds that if I have difficulty with my child, the difficulty is within me. If I resolve this difficulty and release it—the difficulty with my child will disappear, as well. It may be difficulties with boundaries at two years, it may be a struggle around homework at ten; it may be staying out until sunrise at 16; and it may be lack of direction at 30.

The good news is that the change takes place in the parent. The child is not a part of the process, but only benefits from it.

The advantages are enormous:

  • Releasing yourself from the real difficulty that weighs you down. Experiencing change, personal development and growth.
  • Improving the relationship with the child
  • Improving communication at home, releasing tension
  • Healing the child—freeing the problem from the child

It works!

The many families I have treated over the years proved that it is possible to enjoy parenthood; it is possible to establish good communication based on mutual respect with your child.

It is possible to grow stronger together—and this is better done earlier than later—because, although the change can be made at any age, every passing year does not return. And that’s a shame.

It’s not magic, but it’s safe, fast and result-orientated to improving the environment at home and resolving parental issues.

I invite you to try for yourselves and find out how quickly and clearly the insights into your relationships will commence.